Well, I think he had a lot of fun with opening all these new toys he got and he sure has liked playing with them all.  So here are the highlights:   dsc_0714w.jpg dsc_0716w.jpg dsc_0719w.jpg  dsc_0722w2.jpgdsc_0724w.jpg dsc_0725w.jpg dsc_0726w.jpg dsc_0730w.jpg dsc_0734w.jpg dsc_0737w.jpg  dsc_0757w2.jpgdsc_0763w.jpgdsc_0772w.jpg dsc_0777w.jpg dsc_0787.jpg   dsc_0808w.jpg Thank you to my cousin, Miles, who took these photos with my camera, then I just did a little editing on some of them 🙂