Well, August must have flown by because I managed not to get any pictures (not that I could find anyway!) except for at the end of the month when we went to the beach.  We actually didn’t get any photos of Colton at the beach.  We only went twice even though it was a short walk away.  The first time Colton and I were by ourselves (with some of our friends) and he was running around everywhere.  He really enjoyed the water and the seagulls, but it was hard keeping up with him and before I knew it, we left to get some lunch and get him a nap and didn’t even pull the camera out!  Then we went a second time with Doyle and I was prepared this time to get some pictures, or so I thought I was.  I didn’t know I need to acclimate the lens for so long.  I took them out and they just would not un-fog!  We all played in the water and before you know it we all managed to get tar on our feet!  So even though Colton had a fun time at his first beach outing, I managed to not get a single picture!  I’ll make it up to him next time we go though.  And now for the pictures we did get from that trip.  We went to the aquarium and watched the dolphin show and were very interested in looking at all the different fish.  We will definitely come back there!