So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and most importantly, I’ve never shared any photos of Colton’s birthday and Christmas.  So, I’ll start with the first even that happened and end with the last, all in different posts so it will end up being in chronological order.  Anyway, so here are the photos I took from the day of his first birthday.  We didn’t do anything special since we knew there would be a party in a few days, but we still gave him the “test” cake I had made.  It was a very yummy carrot cake, but I don’t think he ever tried eating any that night, he just tried the icing.  dsc_0156a.jpg dsc_0158a.jpg dsc_0172a.jpg We took his shirt off to let him dig in, but this is as much as he did. 

They are the same photos that are in the header, but you can see them a little better here!christmasphoto.jpgcoltonlights2.jpg

We didn’t try to take many photos this month.  There were only a few that are worth showing.  Hope you enjoy them anyway!



 Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something on here.  A lot has happened lately and Colton is now walking all over the place!  He started just a few days before he turned 11 months.  (I still haven’t been able to get a good photo or sequence of photos of him walking, hopefully soon!)  The following photos of him climbing are from November 8th and even though there are quite a few photos of the event, I was taking one right after another and all of this took place in about a minute!  Enjoy!











So a few people have asked what Colton would like for his Birthday and Christmas.  I figured I would help them out by giving them some ideas of what he might like.  Please don’t feel like you must only buy these things for him.  Hopefully it will take you in the right direction as to what he might like though.  If you do decide to buy something off the list, you can mark on there if you would like to buy it or have bought it by reserving it.  If you end up not buying it though, please don’t forget to change the “status” of the item. Also, don’t feel obligated to buy something on the list online.  I’m sure you can find most of these things in the store if you look.

Well, we had an “eventful” trip up to North Texas last weekend. We left Friday morning and spent the night in Lubbock. We went to the Tractor show there on Saturday and had a good time. Things were a little different there then the one in Fredericksburg. There aren’t any pulls, instead they have “games”. One is a “slowest tractor race” and the object would be to go the slowest for a little stretch. Another is to roll a barrel for a certain stretch, and whoever can do that the fastest with keeping the barrel on the front of the tractor wins. Another is to weave through some buckets, dropping candy in each one, the fastest time wins. The one that looked the hardest to me, was a teeter-totter one, which I took some photos of. You start a certain distance back from the teeter-totter and the object is to get on there and balance a quick as you can. It’s hard enough just to balance!



Just a cool perspective photo I took of these tractors. These were all owned by the same person!


We found some boots for Colton while we were in Lubbock.  Everyone who saw them seemed to comment on them, so I figured I should show them!


So, we went to visit Doyle’s Grandma’s Brother and his wife on Sunday and spent the next nights there. They live about an hour north of Lubbock and about an hour east of there is Caprock Canyon, which we decided to go visit on Monday. We basically just drove around and took photos, since it was cool and windy out.






Monday night Colton got sick. He threw up and we figured out that it must have been what we had eaten earlier that day at a restaurant not too far from Caprock Canyon, in Quitaque. It’s pretty much the only place there that I saw open, so we didn’t have much choice. But we all ended up getting some degree of sickness. I’m pretty sure everyone is ok now and it could have been much worse, so in a way we got lucky!

I took photos of him in his Halloween Costume early this year for quite a few reasons.  I found one where he was kind of smiling, so here it is!


Well, this time I didn’t feel like taking many photos, since last time didn’t go very well. He smiled for me pretty quickly, so I figured I better just take what I can get and not put him through too much more. One half good one is good enough for me!


So, the photos didn’t turn out to good this time, I couldn’t get him to smile or stay still.  This is about the best one there is, sorry.  I’m just as disappointed as you are!


Well, I’m playing catch up, once again.  I feel really bad that I haven’t posted anything in so long.  I’m going to post everything in the order it happened, which might be kind of confusing, but I guess it really doesn’t matter.  I have lots of photos to share!  Enjoy!

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